Bank Street Head Start Shares Fall Curriculum

Leaves are falling from the trees, temperatures are dropping, and the fall season is coming to an end. As we get ready to welcome winter, we’d like to share how Bank Street Head Start experienced fall in our classrooms. We based our fall unit on the children’s observations, curiosity, and connections to their environment. Through our nature walks and outings at the park, the children’s natural curiosity started to flourish as they observed changes in the colors of the leaves. Leaf collages, pumpkin carving, and sensory explorations were common fall activities in our school.

At Bank Street Head Start, we build a sense of community and form relationships with our students, families, and educators. We worked collaboratively to welcome autumn and celebrate Harvest Day by decorating and painting scarecrows, listening to stories and music, playing games, and eating lunch with our families.

Here are a few fall-themed projects from our 3-4-year-old classrooms:

Alphabet City

Alphabet Class

The children in the Alphabet City classroom spent the fall exploring the five senses.  Using sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, they explored and predicted what might be inside a pumpkin. They also used their senses during nature walks, collecting leaves, twigs, and seeds to create collages.


Broadway CLass

The Broadway classroom participated in large group discussions about the leaves changing colors and falling from the trees. The teachers also posed open-ended questions about pumpkin and apple picking for the children to consider. The class also examined the inside of a pumpkin, taking a closer look with magnifying glasses and examining the texture of pumpkin pulp.

Central Park

Central Park Class

This three-year-old class learned to identify primary colors using red, yellow, and blue.  They were excited to mix these three colors together and they were encouraged to use their hands and paint brushes to explore the paint.  The children were eager to demonstrate their creativity through paintings on paper, pumpkins, and leaves.


Downtown Class

The Downtown Classroom learned about the lifecycle of a pumpkin by planting pumpkin seeds and baking pumpkin muffins from a harvested pumpkin. To further explore this concept, the children made impressions using paint and pumpkin tops.

Stay tuned to see what Head Start has planned for the winter season!